Robert van den Boogaard:
During my 5 years as chairman of the first Work Council of COLT, I worked closely together with Annette. In the early 00's, COLT decides to leave the employers organisation WENB and one of the results was that the Collective Labour Agreement (in Dutch CAO) no longer applied to COLT's employees. COLT then decided to create its own, new set of Labour Conditions, in co-operation with the Works Council.

Faced with these challenges, Annette worked tirelessly to not only get the Works Council inaugurated, but also reach agreement on a solid and widely accepted set of new labour conditions "Arbeidsvoorwaarden Regeling COLT".

A few years later, COLT was, partly because the Internet bubble burst, forced to re-organise. Also during this phase Annette and I worked together closely and even though we for sure not always agreed professionally, the co-operation never suffered from this and always remained focused and thoroughly professional.

Because of this professional attitude, the good and positive relationship between COLT's management and the Works Council remained.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Annette, not only as a very experienced HR professional, but also as a human being capable of building and maintaining long-lasting relationships.